The Typical Naija Kitchen

The Typical Naija Kitchen

The common saying that, where a man’s stomach is, there also is his heart, goes to explain the importance attached to this age-long place that satisfies the cravings of the appetite and stomach.

We need not emphasize that food is one of the basic needs of man and that without food, life would cease to exist. Hence the focus on this all-important part of the home.

A kitchen is a room or that part of a building/apartment where different kinds of meals and delicacies are prepared. In most homes, the dining forms part of the kitchen.

Just like every dynamic aspect of our lives, the kitchen has undergone various forms of transformations through the years. However, it is also very important to note that how your kitchen looks and what is in your kitchen are functions of both your preferences and the depth of your pocket. Same way as the primitiveness or modernity of your kitchen depends on both your level of exposure and your adaptation to changes.

However, just like the common cliché goes, Naija people no dey carry last. The average Nigerian wants to be in tune with the trends in the global arena. Because of their catchup instinct in them, they try to measure up with their counterparts in other parts of the developed world. So as long as kitchen matters are concerned, there might not necessarily be much noticeable difference between the Nigerian kitchen and what obtains in other parts of the world.

Because food is a culture, there could be a bit of slight geographically-related differences in the items that are found in various kitchens where these foods are cooked. The kind of food being cooked or prepared in a home goes a long way to determining the kind of appliances or items that would be found in the kitchen.

Though these geographical and cultural differences are also gradually thinning out because of the presence of social media and man’s exploration instincts, on a general note, below are some of the basic items that are found in the average Nigerian kitchen. This can also serve as a guide for newlywed couples who might be wondering about a minimum list of what and what to equip their kitchen with. They are categorized according to their functions: 

Food–preparation equipment

Chef’s knife

Paring knife

Knife sharpener

Bread knife

Chopping/cutting board

Kitchen scissors

Vegetable peeler

Garlic press


Kitchen scales

Measuring spoons/cups/jugs

Mixing bow

Pasta Strainers

Rolling pin


Can opener

Foil paper

Pizza cutter

Bottle opener

Egg slicer

Lemon squeezer


Cooking Equipment

Frying pans

Kettles (electric/manual)

Rice cooker (optional)

Pressure pots

Pots of different sizes (nonstick/normal aluminum)


Ovenproof dish

Roasting tin

Baking sheet

Stirring spoon



Potato Masher

Balloon whisk

Oven gloves

Pot holders

Dish rack


Serving spoons


Whisk broom

Fruit bowl

Food trays

Mortar & Pestle 

Storage Items

Plastic containers

Plastic zipper bags 







Coffee maker


Washing machine

Rice Cooker

Stool/kitchen chair

Gas cooker/stove

Gas cylinder

Hand and automatic graters

Meat grinder

Kitchen scale


Transistor radio, though this has been disputed to cause a distraction, it is also reported to be better than having an earpiece on while cooking 


Garbage can

Garbage bags




Cupboard liners

Hand towels

Floor rags

Pot scrubbers

Dish soaps


Miscellaneous Equipment

Plastic wraps

Kitchen foil


Kitchen tool organizer 

Heat/Smoke Extractor
Digital Photo frame, etc

The majority of these appliances come with manuals, however, for a practical display of how to use them, the internet (youtube) should be your best option.

We would want to note here that the above has to do with an average kitchen in Nigeria. Some kitchens have more sophisticated appliances and items, while some have less, a clear indication that all hands are not equal. 

You can add to the list by commenting below.

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