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5 Ideas Of Renting A House

Posted by propertyapp on July 25, 2021

Truth is there are hundreds of questions you can ask the agentabout your potential home and you had better ask them if you want to be quite sure of the home you are about to lease. You’ve most likely decided on the area you want to live, so which house is right for you to rent.

To help you do your homework so you won’t end up having headache all through your stay in the house, below are 10 questions you should ask before renting a house in Nigeria.

1. What are the lease terms?

You should be thoroughly aware as the renter the duration of the rent and when it starts and end. A lot of landlords In Nigeria ask for a year rent but some still ask for 2 years despite the Lagos state government stating a year lease should be paid. So you better ask before you enter one chance.

2. What is included in the rent?READ  10 Best Tourist Attractions In Lagos

This question is important if you don’t want to end up like my friend. The agent told him the rent for the apartment was N300,000 and has a first-time renter, he thought it included the agreement and commission, only to be put on a long thing when he was asked to pay extra N100,000 when he was about to pay for the apartment. So don’t be ly friend and make enquiries.

3. How secure is the property/ area?

Another question to ask the landlord is the security of the home and area. Ask if there is a provision for a watchman, CCTV camera and the likes.

4. How often does the rent go up?

In Lagos state Nigeria, some landlordsincrease the value of the rent how they feel, not bothered about their tenants, so ask before you are made to pay more in a short while.

5. What is the parking situation?

Questioning the landlord about the parking situation can save you a lot of stress before you move in. In a home where a lot of people own cars but not with enough parking space, it is vital you ask about the parking situation if you don’t want to be the one parking outside the building.

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